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Current Needs



It is the rainy season in Uganda and malaria is spreading rapidly, spread by mosquitos that breed in standing water. Many children at the Dream Nursery and Primary School in Kasenge, Uganda, have already been infected and are being treated, which is very expensive. Malaria is a leading killer of children in Uganda; it causes dehydration, vomiting, high body temperature and headache, and failure to treat malaria in time can lead to death.


A simple and effective way to control infection is the use of mosquito netting around beds, but there are currently about 60 children living at the school who don’t have mosquito nets, and the cost at about $13 per net is beyond what the school, which is totally supported by individual sponsors, can afford.


Won’t you please consider donating to save a child’s life? Time is of the essence.  All donations go directly to the school, which is staffed and supported entirely by volunteers in the United States and Uganda. 


To donate, please visit this GoFundMe link: https://gofund.me/771cfda8  https://gofund.me/771cfda8  Thank you for your help.  We love you!  ♥♥♥




Uganda and several other countries in East Aftica experienced a locust plague of Biblical proportions in late 2019 and well into 2020 - causing extensive food shortages, hoarding of food, and the danger of millions of people starving to death.  Even in 2022 our Ugandan Manager Ronald Katongole continues to work tirelessly to try and find food at decent prices for our children.  We still need ongoing additional funds for as the costs for food have skyrocketed ever since that catastrophe and the ensuing issues from Covid-19.


The Ugandan government has also placed many restrictions on travel due to the Coronavirus.  Other than what food we can grow in our organic garden, we rely on food purchased in large quantities and safely stored at our school.  With the ongoing shortages and high food prices, we worry all the time about feeding our beloved children.


If you would like to help keep our children fed and nourished through however long the shortages and high prices exist, please click HERE.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ♥♥♥


(Photo at left is of locusts in the streets.)



There are so many children in need in this area of Uganda, and we want to help as many of them as possible.  In order to do this, we built an orphanage building - one side for girls, one side for boys - so children from greater distances may also get an education.


In addition, we often save children from abusive situations, and bring them to our school, where they end up living with a teacher.  One such girl named Jane was about to be exchanged in marriage for meat and tobacco - at the age of 12.  She now happily attends our school, grateful for her safety and new life.


The tragic stories of these children are heartbreaking.  Our goal is to change what in the past were inevitable outcomes into new lives filled with joy, hope, health, peace, and opportunity through education.


If you would like to help us continue to provide beds and bedding for our orphanage building so children in need may move in, please click HERE.  Thank you.  ♥♥♥


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