Dream Nursery

and Primary School

Kasenge, Uganda


Attention: Katongole Ronald
P.O. Box 26391

Kampala, East Africa


Phone: 256752809053

E-mail: info@ugandadreamschool.org

Attention: Rae H. George





Want to help us keep going and growing?! 


Here are three easy steps to help us maintain supplies needed on campus, provide food, or help with general costs of running a school day to day. 


1.  Become friends on Facebook with our Uganda school manager Ron at:  https://www.facebook.com/katongole.ronald.56


2.  Send funds to Ronald Katongole via www.moneygram.com or at a MoneyGram location, found in many CVS stores, Walmarts, etc.


3.  Private message  A.) the amount sent and  B.) the reference number from MoneyGram to Ron on Messenger, or to his email address of ronaldskato@gmail.com - without those two pieces of information Ron will not be able to pick up your funds. 


OR...  along with becoming friends with Ron on Facebook you may use WORLD REMIT online instead of MoneyGram for only a .99 sending fee.  We prefer this method as it saves Ron a trip into town... and it costs YOU less!  To do so:


Go to www.worldremit.com/en

Pick Uganda from drop-down menu.

Click Continue, and choose Mobile Money.

Click Continue.

Select a mobile money payout network:

Choose MTN Mobile Money Account.

Put in the amount of money you are sending.  (NOTE:  We suggest first sending an amount no larger than $100 to set up your account.  World Remit tends to have issues with initial large amounts.  Once your account is established and used once, you should have no problem.  If you ever do, the World Remit number to speak to a human is 1-888-772-7771.)

Always click on Continue after you fill in the information.

The next area is to sign into your account - for first-time users, use an email and choose a password.

Login to continue.

Send to Ronald Katongole (no middle name)

In Mobile Wallet Credit put the Mobile Phone number of


Re-enter that mobile number.

You are sending to:

Ronald Katongole

P.O. Box 26391



Mobile Phone: 256752809053

(Yes, this phone number is different from the one above. Ron had to get a special number to put in this space in order to receive funds.)

Email: ronaldskato@gmail.com

IMPORTANT: Sending reason MUST BE

"Family and Friend Support"

Only use a debit card, NOT a credit card.

If you use a credit card, your credit card company views this as a cash advance, and will charge you large fees.

By using a debit card, you will only be charged .99 per transaction!!! This is way better than MoneyGram!

Once you hit "Next," you may get a pop-up box that asks for a six digit number that is sent to your cell phone.

Once that is confirmed, your payment should go through! World Remit sends you an email when the transaction is complete.

You may always check with Ron if you want to be sure he received it.

This may feel like a lot the first time, yet much of this info gets saved - so the next time it is a breeze!


Although donations to our 12-years-and-counting school project are not tax-deductible, all are gratefully received, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you are truly saving lives. 


We also need help in securing a well-run, loving, and like-minded nonprofit, NGO, or school that would like to be a "sister" school to ours to assist with a sponsorship program and funding.  Please send any potential organizations the link to our website along with a heartfelt paragraph from you to see if they may have interest.


If they do, please tell them to contact Ron at ronaldskato@gmail.com


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  With Love and Gratitude, All of Us  ♥♥♥



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Dream Nursery and Primary School - Creating Hope in Kasenge, Uganda