Dream Nursery

and Primary School

Kasenge, Uganda


Attention: Katongole Ronald
P.O. Box 26391

Kampala, East Africa


Phone: 256752809053



Attention: Rae H. George





Want to help us keep going and growing?!  We have two ways to send funds to our School Manager Ron in Uganda!


1.  World Remit is an easy and inexpensive way (only 99 cents per transaction!) to help us maintain supplies needed on campus, provide food, or help with general costs of running a school day to day.  Here are the step-by-step instructions to get started.  It may seem like a lot initially, but the next time is a breeze as all this info is saved!


Simply go to www.worldremit.com/en

Pick Uganda from drop-down menu.

Click Continue, and choose Mobile Money.

Click Continue.

Choose MTN for the mobile money payout network.

Put in the amount of money you are sending.  Make sure you wait until there are two Uganda country choices for the funds to go to, and choose UGANDA UGX  (not Uganda USD)

(NOTE:  For your first time, we suggest sending an amount less than $100 to set up your account.  World Remit tends to have issues with initial large amounts.  Once your account is established and used once, you should have no problem and will be able to send any amount up to $1400 per transaction every 24 hours.  If needed, the World Remit number to speak to a human is 1-855-383-7579.)

Always click on Continue after you fill in the information.

The next area is to sign into your account - for first-time users, use an email and choose a password.

Login to continue.

Send to Ronald Katongole (no middle name)

In "Mobile Account Number" put the School Account Phone Number of

772776435   (256 is the country code)

Re-enter that number.

You are sending to:

Ronald Katongole

P.O. Box 26391



Mobile Phone: 752809053  (256 is the country code)

(Yes, this phone number is different from the one above. Ron had to get a special number to put in this space in order to receive funds.)

Email: ronaldskato@gmail.com

IMPORTANT: Sending reason MUST BE

"Family and Friend Support"

ONLY use a debit card, NOT a credit card.

If you use a credit card, your credit card company views this as a cash advance, and will charge you large fees.

By using a debit card, you will not e charged a sending fee per transaction!!! This is way better than MoneyGram!

However, as of June 2022, the Ugandan government started imposing tax on all mobile money transactions, so please add $2.41 per month to your total, or add $29 if you are sending a year all at once.  Thank you!

Once you hit "Next," you may get a pop-up box that asks for a six digit number that is sent to your cell phone.

Once that is confirmed, your payment should go through! World Remit sends you an email when the transaction is complete.

You may always check with Ron if you want to be sure he received it.


Again, this may feel like a lot the first time, yet much of this info gets saved - so the next time it is a breeze!


2.  SendWave is an app used through your cell phone to easily send funds to Uganda.


There is no "sending fee," but they make their money by taking a small percentage based on the amount of the transaction, so you will want to add a little extra to cover that cost.


Sendwave’s sending limits for new customers start out at:
  • $999 per day.
  • $2,999 per month.
DIRECTIONS FOR SETUP FROM MARY TREDER, U.S. Director of our school and the first to try this system:
Sendwave transfers have to be done using their "Sendwave" app on your cell phone, which you can download from your app store.
If you can't find it, their website page for Uganda https://www.sendwave.com/countries/send-money-to-uganda-from-the-usa has a link to help you get the app.
You must use a debit card to do the transaction.
To get set up on the app you will need to enter your name in the same format as it shows on your debit card, then your email address, mobile phone number, and then create a password.
It will ask what country you want to send to (Uganda) and you have to check the box to accept their Terms of Service. At that point they will send you a code via text message to verify your identity.
Next, add a new Recipient. The payout method will be MTN/Airtel.
The recipient is Ronald Katongole, and use mobile number 752 809 053 (+256 is the country code). You will have to enter Ron's mobile number twice, and then it will ask for your password again.
Now you're ready to send money. On the Send Money To page click on the Recipient box. The first time it will ask if you want to use your contacts. It's okay to say Yes, because it's only using the contacts you've entered (i.e. Ron), not all your personal contacts.
So, select Ron and put the amount you want to send in the You Send box. It's a good idea to send a small amount ($20.00) the first time just to make sure everything works correctly. Then hit "Continue to send."
At this point, the first time you are sending you will need to enter your debit card information, and you will need to take a photo of your identity verification document - you may choose driver's license, passport, etc. The app will walk you through taking the photos.
For future transactions you won't have to go through this step.
Then it should confirm your transaction details and you will have to enter your password one more time to send the money. You will receive an email confirmation of your transaction and also you can see it under "Transactions" in the app.
NOTE: When I was first setting up my account I kept getting sent back to the photo of the identity verification document stage. If this happens to you, call their customer service number: +1 888 966 8603. They were very helpful and quickly got me set up. The service that they use to validate the identity wasn't working correctly so I had to email them a photo of my ID. It was all fixed and set up within a few minutes of sending the email, and the customer service agent stayed on the phone with me to confirm that the transaction went through.

Although donations to our 14-years-and-counting school project are not tax-deductible, all are gratefully received, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you are truly saving lives. 


We also need help in securing a well-run, loving, and like-minded nonprofit, NGO, or school that would like to be a "sister" school to ours to assist with a sponsorship program and funding.  Please send any potential organizations the link to our website along with a heartfelt paragraph from you to see if they may have interest.


If they do, please tell them to contact Ron at ronaldskato@gmail.com


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  With Love and Gratitude, All of Us  ♥♥♥



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