Dream Nursery

and Primary School

Kasenge, Uganda


Attention: Katongole Ronald
P.O. Box 26391

Kampala, East Africa


dreamschool.uganda @gmail.com


Phone: 256752809053


Our Dreamworkers


(The photos above are of Ian Yiga, who as a little boy worked every day from the beginning to help build our school.  He has attended at the top of his class for years, and is now preparing to graduate and go to high school!)


Enough can never be said about our amazing Dreamworkers and Dreambuilders at Dream Nursery and Primary School. 


In an area where most water is contaminated, food is scarce, there is no running water nor electricity, and there has never been any help from the government nor anyone else, our school is the only hope for the entire community.


Men, women, and children in the Kasenge area have been giving tirelessly of their time for over fourteen years to build our school library and many classroom buildings, water well, (which now serves the entire community with fresh, clean, pure water), kitchen building, teacher and storage supply building, medical clinic, orphanage dormitories, lavatories for both males and females, (unheard of in this region), large organic garden, gutter system for catching rainwater, solar panels for electricity, and large perimiter security wall around the entire complex.


All they ask for in return is to eat while they work.  As we rely entirely on donations, we make that a priority with our funds.  Feeding our children, too.  Health comes first at our school.


Below are photos of just some of the many amazing volunteer builders and teachers we are so lucky to know.  We love them all, and thank them profusely for their incredible work, skills, and devotion to making their area of Uganda and our children thrive.  ♥♥♥

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Dream Nursery and Primary School - Creating Hope in Kasenge, Uganda