Dream Nursery

and Primary School

Kasenge, Uganda


Attention: Katongole Ronald
P.O. Box 26391

Kampala, East Africa


Phone: 256752809053



Attention: Rae H. George




Welcome to Dream Nursery and Primary School in Kasenge, Uganda ♥


We offer a free, friendly, educational, loving, and nurturing environment for preschool, pre-K, and K-6 AIDS orphans and children of prisoners in the Kasenge area of Uganda. Dream Nursery and Primary School encourages early learning and the development of social skills through play, creative activities, the arts, educational teachings, and other non-competitive exercises. As professional educators, our all-volunteer teachers emphasize the growth of each child as a whole.


We take a holistic approach to each child's development. Our philosophy is to encourage early learning and promote overall health and well-being by providing food, clean water, clothing, mosquito nets, mattresses and bedding, personal needs, safe spaces, love, and nurturing along with an excellent education. Our volunteer teachers, builders, and staff all share one thing in common - complete devotion to our children.




Please click through our pages, and read the incredible backstory of how this wonderful school started.  Learn how YOU can help us keep going and growing. 


In Uganda, there are no public schools.  When a child is orphaned or a parent goes to prison, there are no funds for a child to go to school - so they lose everything.  Our school is all-volunteer, has no fees, and is run solely through the kindness of donors and sponsors. 


Help us continue to change the world, one by one, as we bring light to a corner of the world that had never seen any help before we became involved.  Our school is non-denominational, all-inclusive, and run solely by LOVE, hard work, and kind donations. 


Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming you into our Dream Family! 


With Love and Gratitude, All of Us ♥♥♥

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Dream Nursery and Primary School - Creating Hope in Kasenge, Uganda