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Sponsor A Child



Above are faces of poverty, sadness, and the difficult reality for millions of children in Uganda. 


At Dream Nursery and Primary School, we change tears to smiles by offering a free education from Pre-K through 6th Grade, two meals a day, clothing and uniforms, fresh clean water, loving and nurturing relationships, and a safe space to AIDS orphans, children of prisoners, and other disadvantaged children who previously had no hope for a healthy and happy future.


We do this through sponsorships of our children, and kind donations from others for the buildings we continue to build at our school.  (Still a construction site until we can complete all of them!)


Sponsoring is easy.  For only $21 U.S. per month, your child will receive all the items mentioned above.  You may pay monthly, or $252 annually. (Please note: This fee is subject to change as sending costs rise, as well as cost of living pricing.  Thank you for your understanding.)


Simply choose a child from the album HERE. (This link takes you to our sponsorship Facebook page... please scroll down and click on the "Children Needing Sponsors" post.  It should be the first post on the page.)


Then please contact Rae H. George, our U.S. Sponsorship Director, at iamrg51@gmail.com to let him know which child you have chosen. 


Then click HERE to donate via PayPal or credit card, and specify your donation intention in the note section there.  (Please always choose "Friends and Family" when using PayPal, as that saves us the sending fees. Thank you.) That's it!


An additional $5 monthly helps pay for our fund sending fees, as well as towards food other children not yet sponsored, if you would like to include that in your donation.


Again, as explained earlier on this website, we now do this strictly from LOVE, so donations are not tax deductible.


Once you have completed this easy process, please send a friend request on Facebook to school Co-Founder and U.S. Director Kathy Ozzard Chism, so she may add you to our private group sponsorship page on Facebook - where you will receive updates about the school, photos, etc. 


Please also then send friend requests on Facebook to our Ugandan Dream School Manager Ronald Katongole and Assistant Manager Juliet Nabakooza so both Ron and Juliet may keep you posted about your child or children.  Thank you!  (NOTE: Last names usually go first in Uganda, so you will see that on Ron's page.)


As for sending letters or items to your child, unfortunately the cost of sending packages is astronomical - funds that could be used for things in Uganda instead.  Then there is the reality that letters and packages can take up to six months to arrive, if at all, due to all the nuances of sending to a third world country.


For those reasons it is recommended sponsors please simply send funds with instructions for gifts to be purchased in Africa, (which also helps the local economy! :), and emailing or scanning letters to our managers at the school to be printed out there for the children.  Thank you. (Our children are learning both Lugandan and English, so over time they will easily be able to communicate with you in English! :)


Rae is happy to send funds from you to Ron in Uganda with your instructions of what you want him to spend them on for birthdays, holidays, etc.  Ron will then send you a photo of your child with your gifts.


From time to time sponsors will receive photos and notes from their children, along with their everlasting love and gratitude.  We have many sponsors, and currently only two volunteers in Uganda managing this program as we search for more who can read and write in English as well as use the Internet. 


For this reason, although they try to respond very quickly, a request from you may still take a little time, as Ron and his assistant Juliet are doing the work of many people there!  We hope to have more volunteers assisting them soon, as our sponsorship family continues to grow. Thank you for your patience.


Please understand choosing to sponsor is adding a child to your own family.  It is at a minimum for their entire schooling years, and ideally for life with continued love and help when needed once they go out in the world. A little goes such a long way in Uganda.


Thank you for helping in this way.  You are literally saving lives, and we look forward to welcoming you to our dream family! 


With Love, All of Us  ♥♥♥


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