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Attention: Katongole Ronald
P.O. Box 26391

Kampala, East Africa


dreamschool.uganda @gmail.com


Phone: 256752809053


NEW - The Dream High School




The greatest gift that sponsors and supporters of the Uganda Dream School receive is the opportunity to witness miracles. Two ladies of Kasenge, Harriet and Teopista, whose granddaughter Nankinga recently graduated from the Dream Nursery and Primary School, have made us an amazing gift.


Nankinga did not have a sponsor, and her grandmothers do not have the means to pay for her to go to high school. So Harriet and Teopista have decided to donate their inherited land for the purpose of building a high school / skills development center that will allow children who graduate from the Dream Primary School to continue their education.


We are humbled by the magnitude of this gift, which will benefit the children, families, and community of Kasenge for years to come. With the help of local volunteers we will build the high school. If necessary, we will start with a single classroom. Coupled with our soon-to-be legal nonprofit status, we can make this new Dream come true, just like Kathy's and Edward's original Dream.


This Dream will come true because of people like Bob. Bob is a graduate of the Dream Primary School who did not have the funds to go on to high school, so he became a brickmaker and builder in Kasenge. Bob has donated 1,000 bricks for the Dream High School. Won't you be like Bob? Today your gift of just $15 will buy 100 Bricks of Love, and $150 will buy 1,000 bricks! Click here to Donate Now.

Nankinga's grandmothers Harriet & Teopista, and Bob




In June 2023 militants attacked a secondary school in Uganda, setting fire to the buildings and using machetes to maim and kill.  Thirty-seven students died, along with a school guard and three members of the local community. Six students were abducted to carry food that the rebels stole from the school's stores. 


The Education Ministry has asked us to acquire fire fighting equipment and security cameras for the protection of our children and staff. Good news - we have received donations that allowed us to purchase fire extinguishers! However, we still need a security camera system at a cost of $1,800 US.


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